Danny Castillo New Media Designer

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San Francisco Ca

Born Daniel Castillo in Oakland, California Danny is a 24 year old New Media Designer that currently resides in San Francisco California. A round trip childhood brought him down and around the San Diego area then up a little around Ventura before going to school in Chino Hills where he spent most of his days skateboarding and getting bowl cut hair tan lines across his forehead. 4 years of Marching Band later, Danny began commuting to Fullerton College to work for fun at a Hobby Store in Orange then upgrading to a fruit stand. An Apple fruit stand. That fruit stand experience became a new life helping to move Danny back to the Bay Area where he hadn’t been since the late 80’s.

What's Next?

The Academy of Art University (AAU) was the initial reason for moving up to Northern California but now it has become a home to learn many new skills, some never thought to be pocketed for future craft/india mart shows. From Bookbinding, Contracting writing, Printmaking, Studio Photography, Motion Graphics, Web Development and Sound Design the Web Design New Media (WNM) Program has helped define an expertise.

The emphasis will continue to build Web Development standard skills in the exciting times of HTML5 and Touch enabled devices. Wrapping this altogether with Javascript programming and an Actionscript knowledge base will help define work in the future. The city of San Francisco has many design groups that come together for various events and seminars that are on the agenda for the next few years before finishing up the WNM program at AAU. With a strong skill set for the entire suite of web technology tools Danny looks to find work with a design firm as a junior web designer and finding an apprenticeship program that can spawn from various side web designs, CMS templates and studio photoshoots for sculptors in the area.

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